Annual BIO Exhibition Brings Industry’s Greatest Minds Together. And Attracts Many Of Them To Emergent Portfolio Companies.

Fotosearch_k5996572This week is one of the highlights of the year for Emergent Technologies. The Annual BIO Exhibition takes place in Philadelphia, and, if the past is any indication, will provide Emergent Technologies a powerful forum for putting the technologies of our portfolio companies on display.

In previous years, the BIO Exhibition has been the catalyst for a number of our most successful partnerships. And for good reason: The world’s largest biotechnology gathering, the BIO Exhibition features more than 1,700 exhibitors, plus more than 60 state, regional, and country pavilions. It’s a “who’s who” of biotech companies, including the top 25 pharma companies, major CROs and CMOs, and more than 300 academic institutions (including major government labs and government agencies).

This year, Emergent Technologies will showcase several of our portfolio companies at BIO Exhibition, including:


  • Cassion Biotech, offering a biosuperior, biodegradable drug delivery system, HEPtune® using natural heparosan polymers.
  • Pure MHC, which identifies and leverages the same disease targets for drug discovery that the immune system naturally uses to identify foreign or aberrant protein targets in cancerous, infected, or unhealthy cells.


In addition, we are now partnering with AusTech Pharmaceutical and working with the company to help commercialize its technology for pharma applications. As a leader in nitric oxide research, AusTech Pharmaceutical has developed an innovative technology platform centered on the potential of nitric oxide to help the body improve cardiovascular and overall health. AusTech Pharmaceutical pioneered the patented technology that delivers bioavailable dietary nitrates and nitrites in a form that is easily converted in the body to nitric oxide.

At the Bio Conference, we’ll also explain our partnership approach, which addresses key elements for company/innovation success, including non-traditional sources of capital, partner knowledge, infrastructure, market validation and credibility, timelines, and even pre-engineered exits.

We’re located in the OKBIO Pavilion, Booth #1213. Key executives from our companies will be available and ready to share ideas.

Together, let’s see what we can build.