Biosurface Labeling – Provides Security & Virtually Eliminates Potential Error

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The field of biorepository collections has an increasing need for more secure and reliable identification systems. The term, biorepository, refers to a facility that collects, processes, stores, and distributes biospecimens for use in scientific research. Although biorepository facilities face strict guidelines regarding collection, processing, inventory, and distribution, the far-reaching industry continues to require innovative methods to decrease the risk of error or tampering. Labels that “just won’t stick” throughout various processes, such as vials stored in LN (liquid Nitrogen), or in long-term low-temperature freezers represent one example of potential error.

Innovations and Ingenious Solutions from KODE Biotech

KODE Biotech has developed ingenious solutions to address security and error issues in this industry. Their researchers have developed state-of-the-art technology that codes the surfaces of bio-specimens themselves, eliminating need for (and risk associated with) traditional paper barcode labeling.  Amazingly, KODE’s surface marking technology can affix to an entire range of biological samples:  viral strains, saliva fluids, blood, urine, fresh or frozen tissue, and bones – to name a few.  This high-tech process has the potential to revolutionize existing practices.

This innovative company further outlines the unique benefits of KODE technology in a recent information bulletin written with Emergent, entitled “Key Points of KODE Technology – Security Measures for BioRepository Collections.”  The following list highlights some of the exclusive assets and characteristics of biosurface innovation:

  • The technology combines with encryption technology to produce a multi-layered, microscopic anti-counterfeit mark.
  • This process can mark containers, seals, packaging, and other items, in addition to the biospecimen itself.  (Eligible surfaces include foil, glass, paper, cotton, nylon, silk, etc.)
  • Implementation comes at a low-cost with potential to integrate easily into existing processes, requiring minimal training to use.
  • This innovative biosurface marking technology can effectively ensure secure transfer or shipping of items.
  • KODE offers rapid and reliable detection, and the labeling process does not harm the biological samples.
  • The system is stable and environmentally safe.

Emergent has teamed up with KODE Biotech by proposing technology that can redefine protocols in the vast industry of bio-collections.  Constructing a most infallible and tamper-resistant environment presents itself as an obligatory move for the continued security of handling biological samples.  What do you want to build today?