Cassion Biotech Wins Innovation Award At OK Biosummit

emergent pix1In our last blog entry, we provided an update on technology that our portfolio company, Cassion Biotech, has developed for use as an innovative drug delivery system. Cassion’s HEPtune® technology uses a naturally occurring sugar polymer (heparosan) to conjugate, coat or complex to a drug. There are numerous advantages to HEPtune, including its inertness, its ability to not trigger an immune system response, its biocompatibility, and its flexibility, as a delivery system.

These advantages have garnered significant interest from the pharmaceutical industry, where improving patient care, drug safety and drug performance are of upmost importance. Some of this interest was on display last night in Oklahoma City, where Cassion Biotech was presented with the Innovation Recognition Award at the 2015 OK Biosummit Conference.

Hosted by the Oklahoma BioScience Association, the BioSummit is designed for the Oklahoma life science and research community to learn more about partnering with big Pharma, national funding opportunities, accessing federal researchers and resources and applying Human-Bioscience to agricultural markets.

The BioScience Awards Dinner hosted at the conference honored outstanding contributions and accomplishments of individuals, companies and organizations that further the development in the bio sciences industry in Oklahoma and around the world. Awards given at the banquet included the Innovation Recognition Award, Researcher Recognition Award, and Community Recognition Award.  Carl Edwards, Chairman of the Presbyterian Health Foundation and a longtime supporter of the bioscience industry was presented with the Hall of Fame Leadership Award

Cassion Biotech, Haus Bioceuticals, and Moleculera Labs were finalists for the Innovation Recognition Award. The Oklahoma Bioscience Association noted the potential of our technology for use in numerous drug delivery applications, and congratulated our researchers on their hard work and ingenuity.

This recognition highlights the continued evolution and versatility of the heparosan technology. Originally envisioned for synthetic production of an anti-coagulant, the technology was repurposed for drug delivery where the appeal of the technology led to its entry into a multi-billion dollar marketplace. With with several major pharmaceutical firms furthering development of HEPtune products, the technology is poised to benefit patients across a multitude of indications.

We are strong advocates of information exchange and purposeful collaboration. In fact, our organization is based on these principles and look forward to our next partnerships. We greatly appreciate the honor of winning the Innovation Recognition Award, and are delighted at the response from those who’ve expressed interest in Cassion Biotech as a result. New conversations have already begun and those conversations may lead to other innovations centered around our technology.

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