Our Entrepreneur Venture Program: How It Connects Good Ideas With Passionate People


There is no shortage of good ideas available for business. The challenge is in matching good ideas with the people and companies that can make them happen.

That’s where Emergent Technologies Entrepreneur Venture Program (EVP) comes in. EVP provides a clearinghouse where experienced entrepreneurs can find high-value technology opportunities. Of course, there are lots of resources that do something similar. But EVP goes further.


“Plug-And-Play” Lets You Move Rapidly


EVP offers “plug-and-play” opportunities focused on specific areas of expertise. In many cases, these are technologies that have already been proven in one market area, but have significant potential for other markets. This offers the ability for the right company to take on a viable product and quickly deploy it to drive revenue.

When the matches between technology and entrepreneurs are right, this can be absolutely transforming—and remarkably profitable. Emergent Technologies provides support for these ventures by offering access to our infrastructure and our technical teams. Depending on the opportunity, we even offer variable costs on our services so that the business becomes viable more rapidly.


Designed To Create The Right Matches


Emergent’s Entrepreneur Venture Program was developed because we saw the need to make sure technologies are connected with the right people—people who are passionate enough to carry the idea through to success, and people who have the right experience and skills to work for the project at hand. Too often in the industries where we work, we had seen great people take on concepts that didn’t match their skill sets. The resulting failures not only doomed or delayed the initial good technologies being introduced, but the failures often prevented good minds from working on future projects.

We want to avoid that. So EVP helps ensure that the entrepreneurs that Emergent teams with have the tools in place that greatly improve the odds for success: Proven leadership and capitalization, experience operating a company within the industry targeted, specific industry contact capital and—very important—exit experience.


An Example Of Success


We know when these elements are in place, we all have the opportunity to prosper. Take, for example, the creation of Cassion Biotech, LLC, a company formed in 2009 as an Emergent Technologies portfolio company. Cassion Biotech came into being when a technology originally explored as alternative drug for the anticoagulant market failed to materialize. The technology, however, still held promise as a drug delivery system, and Cassion (created as a subsidiary of the original parent company) was started, with the right combination of people and industry expertise, to target the drug delivery market. Quickly, the technology was adopted by a major pharmaceutical company, and Cassion proved to be a success.

Emergent has access to scores of opportunities like this. Our mission is to help match these intriguing technologies to the right people to effectively build successful companies. EVP makes this possible.

What do you want to build today?