We’re Helping Bring A New “Super Sustainable” Fabric To Market. Here’s Why It Could Be A Game-Changer.


Imagine a new fabric made from renewable, cruelty-free, and natural materials that can has the flexibility and function of leather, look like wood, and be used in scores of different applications. Then imagine how you’d bring it to the global marketplace.

That’s the challenge that ETInnovation, a subsidiary of Emergent Technologies, Inc. has taken on.  We have been selected by Mymantra Srl to act as the global licensing agent for its Ligneah technology. It’s our job to help find the partners in multiple industries that can help Mymantra Srl introduce Ligneah to the world.

The results of this effort could be transformative.  

Ligneah is the first fashion and design material made from solid wood that offers the look, feel and performance of leather at a significantly lower production and environmental cost. To create Ligneah, cotton is adhered to a thin layer of wood veneer then subjected to a laser process, creating thousands of microcuts that soften and make it pliable. Because different woods and coloring can be used, Ligneah can take on many different looks and finishes.  Softness, texture, flexibility, weight, and thickness can all be modified based on the type of wood used, the substrate, the processing, and the coatings.


The result is a 100% natural, beautiful, versatile, and cruelty-free “fabric” that has applications in fashion, furniture, automotive, giftware, packaging, interior design, and other uses.


Ligneah uses only sustainably sourced wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure that products come from responsibly managed forests.  Through its partnership with Tree Nation, Mymantra plants up to 400 new trees for each tree used in Ligneah material production.

Interior Design magazine recently named Ligneah as one of seven “super sustainable” materials becoming available to designers.  

“We are excited to work with Mymantra and believe their innovative platform technology has great potential in many markets,” said Thomas Harlan, Emergent CEO.  “We share Mymantra’s mission of providing eco-friendly, sustainable options to the growing number of conscious consumers seeking alternatives to animal and chemically derived products.”  

“ETInnovation and Emergent Technologies are providing us with the licensing expertise and intellectual capital to launch Ligneah globally,” said Marcello Antonelli, CEO of MyMantra Srl.  “We are confident this partnership will help us optimize the economic and environmental value proposition of Ligneah.”

ETInnovation is evaluating corporate partners interested in licensing the Ligneah technology on either an exclusive on non-exclusive basis for specific geographic regions and/or field of use applications.

You can learn more about Ligneah here.  And Ligneah was showcased this week at Premier Vision in Paris, and ETInnovation will offer a “Ligneah Technology and Licensing Opportunity” webinar on September 30. Learn more at

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