Why Our Partner Solutions Program Works

We’ve learned, through our 20 years of experience, that creating a good partnership requires a combination of science and art. Many potential connections look good on paper, but may not be a good fit once the intangibles are factored in.

That’s why our Partner Solutions Program has been so effective. Our program goes beyond what many venture capital firms can offer. It digs deep into industries, technologies, opportunities, and personalities, so we have a clear understanding of value at all levels. It’s only then that all parties can identify the best approaches for success.

We Identify Multiple Streams Of Capital

For many new technologies, especially in developing or niche markets, traditional capital resources may not be available, or they may be premature. Emergent Technologies has spent years identifying and cultivating non-traditional forms of capital specifically for this reason. Our resources may have specialized expertise in a market or technical discipline that can be brought to bear, to either offer funding or provide an extra level of comfort to less-knowledgeable funding resources. Partnerships may also provide a way to secure capital by enhancing the strength or resources of the partnering firms, making them more attractive to investors.

We Assess Market Viability And Potential

Emergent focuses on mapping innovations to meet existing market needs. This has multiple benefits. It provides immediate market validation and credibility, giving investors a clear picture of the opportunity’s potential. It also provides the firm or firms developing the technology with focus—instead of having to research markets to find a fit, we help lay out the path that can get the product to market faster.

Our mapping approach often uncovers opportunities for connections that were unexpected. A firm, for example, may be concentrating on preparing a technology for one market niche—without realizing that a larger, more lucrative market may be ripe for quicker development. Again, this can bring technologies to market faster—and provide a faster return on investment.

We Look For Ways To Add New Capabilities To The Partner Organizations

The firms we work with have exceptional skills and creativity in many areas. Startup companies, however, seldom have the resources available to do everything well. One of the most valuable elements of our Partner Solutions Program is that we work hard to match companies that have complementary skill sets—therefore strengthening both organizations.

A technical organization that lacks in marketing would accelerate its progress if matched with another firm that has a strong marketing function, for example. Or a firm with a technology targeted to a particular market may be matched with a company who already has proven success in the area—eliminating the need for extra research, relationship building, and brand awareness.
Often, the limiting factor for an organization may be a single weak area. Our Partner Solutions Program can eliminate this problem—often for more than just one of the partners.

We Find Ways To Let You Lead

Our program is proactive, but the participating partner companies stay in charge of their operations. Our role is that of facilitator—we help bring resources to bear, but destiny and direction are still up to company owners and managers. In fact, many of the deals that we structure are designed with pre-engineered exits between partners: The partnership exists while it provides value, but firms still have the option to go their separate ways in the future.

Why We Should Talk

We thrive on helping promising companies and ideas grow. The companies we work with invigorate us and give us opportunities to explore our creativity. We like to help build things.

What do you want to build today?